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Minibus Lite - General Information


Thousands of hours of research have gone into developing the groundbreaking MINIBUS LITE. Extensive use of weight saving materials has resulted in a 16 seater which is below 3.5 tons, the point at which a D1 licence is required.

MINIBUS LITE is available in a choice of 16 and 17 seats and five specifications. Four of the five specifications can be driven without D1 entitlement on your licence.

The advantage of this to organisations, such as schools, is it allows more staff to drive the school minibus without incurring the cost of training for a D1 licence. The majority of school minibuses need the driver to have D1 entitlement because the vehicles weigh over 3.5 tonnes.

As an ISO9001 accredited business GM Coachwork have quality at the heart of everything we do. The MINIBUS LITE is built with only the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and durability.


MINIBUS LITE is available in a choice of 3 wheelchair accessible versions, each with 17 seats. Access to the vehicle is by telescopic ramps, full width ramp or an electric lift which will take the wheelchair passenger into the rear of the vehicle. Four point restraints and a 3 point seat belt keep the wheelchair passenger safe and secure. MINIBUS LITE wheelchair accessible versions can take up to 4 wheelchair passengers.

GM Coachwork offer a wide range of mobility adaptations so we can tailor your MINIBUS LITE exactly to your requirements.

LITE ON WEIGHT MINIBUS LITE is built using the latest lightweight materials including lightweight seats to aid manual handling.

LITE ON THE ENVIRONMENT Because MINIBUS LITE saves on fuel it lowers your carbon footprint. It is built using recycled materials where possible.

LITE ON FUEL A light weight vehicle will use less fuel so with more miles per gallon you will spend less at the pumps.

LITE ON YOUR LICENCE The light weight means you don’t need to have a D1 licence to drive it. (depending on specification). This means your organisation will save time and money on D1 training and test expenses.

LITE ON YOUR BUDGET Competitive pricing, excellent economy and fewer driver restrictions means your money will go further.

Every MINIBUS LITE supplied from new by us comes with an approval certificate and will satisfy the requirements of the MOT test subject to the vehicle maintained in line with the manufacturers recommendations.

Minibus Lite - The ideal school minibus

Minibus Lite is a lightweight school minibus available in 16 or 17 seats. Designed primarily as a school minibus, Minibus Lite is the ideal for schools as it can be driven without a D1 licence. Minibus Lite is produced by minibus specialists GM CoachworkClick here to find out more.

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