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A1 MiDAS Minibus Training from UKGRS

MiDAS Accessible DAT Training

  • Is designed for an organisation that wishes to provide their own in-house minibus driver training with regard to standard & accessible training.
  • Is relevant to volunteers as well as paid employed staff
  • Covers legal, practical and safety issues - a comprehensive training package
  • Aims to improve passenger safety by providing the necessary skills and information for those who will be undertaking driver training for their organisation


In order for a candidate to become an Accessible DAT Trainer they will need to complete both the Standard DAT training course and the Accessible training course.

These two courses can be taken either independently as separate courses or in a combined course.

The modular content for these individual courses are detailed in the following links DAT Course & Accessible Course.

For the combined course the modules are as follows:

Modular Content for Accessible DAT:

Module 1:

  • Midas Driving Assessment

Module 2:

  • Theory Training for Standard Drivers

Module 3:

  • Theory & Practical Training for Accessible Drivers

Module 4:

  • Presentation Skills Assessment
  • Theory Assessment
  • Refresher Training
  • Administration


If you would like to discuss this aspect of MiDAS Training further or have questions concerning either MiDAS training in general or DAT training please telephone our office.


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